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Wanderer (cdr)
Music compositions, performances and mastering by Giorgio Robino.
Instruments: classical guitar, 6 strings electric lap steel guitar, electric guitar, delays pedals.
Audio format available: Audio CDR (single cd) / Download FLAC files.
Final release date: 8th January 2008

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Antelao Adrift (track 1, 32:07)  watch youtube video download MP3 clip
Fist days of January 2007 I was going up Monte Antealo( a 3000 meters mount in Dolomiti mountain range ) for a solo climbing, starting my path from San Vito di Cadore, I quickly had to put on my new crampons, and when I was in Forcella Grande (a big saddle 500 meters below the peak), despite the beautiful day with a shining sun, suddenly fast clouds wrapped themselves up in a sudden snowstorm and swift winds scared me and pushed me to get down to the warm of village, 1500 meters down to the valley. Up in Forcella Grande I had a strange emotion, remembering me the Tarkivskij’s “zone”, where “Nature” put us in space-time paradoxical labyrinths where we have to figure out the exit…
Waves of Wanderer (track 2, 13:21)  watch youtube video download MP3 clip
I entitled my work “Wanderer” with reference to the philosophical concept related to this German term. What I love in alpinism … and in music, is just this necessary lost of the way home … being alone in a unknown space-time (a “zone” going back to the Stalker metaphor); this is the starting point to possibly discover true and you will go back home as a better person only after that path beyond the portal of geographic/ mind maps … finally surfing on a sweet swimming through snowy waves of peace…
Bonatti’s Butterfly (track 3, 20:45)  watch youtube video download MP3 clip
Walter Bonatti is the climber I love more, not because his historical records on solo climb in ‘60, but more because his philosophical life path, what he concluded about human being mission though Nature. In one of his book I read, concerning the tragically famous climbing on Monte Bianco Freney pillar in 1961, an awful escalade where three climbers died after some days of snowstorm at 4000 meters of altitude, Walter Bonatti tell that after seven days of extreme efforts, really near to the death himself, he saw a butterfly alone in the snow, up to 4000 meters of altitude, dying because almost frozen and he compared himself to that poor dying butterfly…
East Ending (track 4, 08:53)  watch youtube video
Sometime I go up Monte Fasce, a hill that dominate my city, Genova. His only 850 meters altitude, but I start my track from my house, a the sea level zero elevation, so this very small mountain require some effort and I trek it for keep in form. After many hours of gait, getting down to home, looking the sea in front of me, a sweet “solyaris” remembrance and a sense of peace take possession of me…

Listeners' comments
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This music is amazing. It's peaceful and meditative, whilst also stirring and emotional!
Jim Cornick,, London UK, 18 April 2014

Giorgo's music helps me relax. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and depression, so calming my mind is a challenge on good days and seemingly impossible on bad days. To my ears, Wanderer is dream-like, otherworldly, gentle, slow, but far from boring or weak. There is a certain meditative quality to it that i have not heard anywhere else. Thank you for your wonderful music!
Jonas, Germany, 6 February 2013

what I have heard ... is very beautiful.
Thom Brennann, – USA, 3 January 2013

Your music is a joy to have in my head. I feel intensity, peace, questions, answers, frustration, intelligence, rumors, simplicity ... the list of what SOLYARIS evokes for me is endless ... and, like a good novel, I hear something new every time I listen.
Duncan Gray, – Van Alstyne, TX, USA, 1 January 2013

Love your music. It's new, refreshing and different. Your music is very unique, which is a good example that I always promote, that is we are all the latest experiments by our loving creator, as an expression of our creators love for us, for humanity on this beautiful planet. Our most powerful need as human beings is to be understood...
Timothy Kirsch, Hilo, Hawaii, 20 December 2012

I still like Revelations better because it is continous for more than an hour, but I certainly hear progress on this album. I think the next step your music will make is clearly visible in end section of Bonatti's Butterfly where you slowly go up the D-major scale, tone after tone, as if you're trying out the simplest melody. If I saw your music before as a chaotic but beautiful soup of life, where each tone is just a little part of a whole, this looks like some intelligent creature is finally being born out of the song in the form of melody. Sorry for being so philosophical :D
Ivan Gracar, Izola, Slovenia, 3 November 2011

There is no question that there is a parallel or resonance between your sounds and some of the ideas/experiences I want to convey in the film.[...Metanoia] I want you to know that I felt personally very connected to the pieces I listened to. It seems clear to me that you and I see this world, (and the other world) in much the same light, All the very best to you! -Jeff
Jeff Lowe, mythical climber – USA, 24 June 2011

I have this playing as I work in my programming job. Perhaps the most important nature of ambient music for me is it sits in the background not grabbing attention but also it creates a cocoon in which it stimulates creative and focused thinking. Your music does that, and it does it as majestic, expansive, hopeful music. So it is very functional music to me! It does just the job I need as I do mine. It is like a mind tool. But it is not just the function but also aesthetically I find your guitar work very creative. There are few people who create a new sound, but I think you have. I think it is hard to create new ambient sounds on guitar. So congratulations!
Martin S, Vancouver, Canada, 14 June 2011

Your music is the most beautiful and profound I have ever heard. It really is #1 for me, and I listen to a vast assortment of music from every continent. It often gives me chills when I hear it, and it has healed me during my darkest days. All I have left to say is, keep it up. People like you make life worth living for those who find blandness and mediocrity at every turn. You are likely in the top 10 musicians WORLD WIDE, in terms of skill.
Tom, USA, 15 April 2011

I really like Wanderer. In particular Bonatti's Butterfly and East Ending appeal to me. Lovely, haunting music.
Kenneth Anderson, Saitama (Japan), 3 September 2010

I discovered your music through dronezone internetradio and it hit me.. real deep like leaving me speechless and inspired .. hard to explain but i believe in case theres an endlessly floating afterlife of some kind you must´ve secretly been there and managed to bring its soundtrack to this world as a souvenir ;) thank you for doing this!
Sven Weiß ~sven, - Germany, 12 May 2010

Wanderer is an absolutely beautiful piece of work!
Takahiro Yorifuji - Hakobune, Kyoto, Japan, 2 December 2009

L'ambiente naturale ha i suoi suoni naturali che suggestionano i frequentatori che li sanno ascoltare. L'idea di Giorgio è di comunicare la suggestione attraverso suoni prettamente musicali ma che richiamano i grandi temi ambientali, vento, acqua, praterie, cieli, orrizzonti ecc. L'invito è di perdersi tra le sue note al ritorno da una salita: esperienza sublime!

Natural environment possess his sounds that influence visitors able to listening. Giorgio's idea is to communicate through purely musical sounds reminding big ambient subjects, wind, water, grasslands, skies, horizons, etc. You can lose yourself among notes, coming back from climbing a slope: sublime experience!
Giorgio Madinelli, writer, Italy, 19 September 2008

Ho ascoltato la tua musica e mi piace molto!

I really enjoyed your music!
Paolo Tofani, - Italy, 10 September 2008

Your music is very beautiful and soothing.
Christina Carter, – USA, 23 August 2008

I really like the album, I feel that in comparison to your previous albums your style this new work is much more refined, balanced-out and mature. A nice progression in your oeuvre!
Vidna Obmana, great ambient music artist – Belgium, 14 July 2008

Your work is progressing nicely!
Robert Rich, great ambient music artist – CA, USA, 26 May 2008

I love your delight - and blissful record. Great stuff. I like what the music is doing with me and my mind. Ambient must be music with the power to watch an imaginary movie and Wanderer is perfect for this! Wanderer is really amazing! Specially "Waves of Wanderer" track is beautiful floating and has very positive vibrations. This is etherial and outstanding ambient, such spiritful music.
Mathias Grassow, ambient music artist,, Germany - 16 April 2008

Dear Industrious Composer / Musician / Shaman / Intuitive Producer friend.. Your very cosmic space celebration music illuminated my evening last night. I listened and was easily transported into UNIFIED FIELD BLISS and ECSTACY... Your creative inspiration is so cosmically resonant... thanking all those who are responsible.. All In One Peace / Laraaj
Laraaji (Edward Gordon), mythical space music artist, – NY, USA, 29 March 2008

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Wanderer  Ascension and Revelation  Cellardoor  Mellow Stasis  Western Detunes