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I known recently muscian Oophoi passed away. That's very sad. I known Gianluigi Gasparetti personally... here below some notes:

About the Deep Listening review
I discovered him through the great webzine "Deep listening", an amazing magazine regarding electronic/ambient music reviews he was used publishing evry three-monts (initially writing himself alone and with some collaborators in last years). Pheraps no many people here know this magazine, wrote only in Italian language and sold only by correspondence in paper format (also in recent internet-era ...).
In our e-mail conversations I tryed many times to convince him to translate the review in english language, because I though the content was absolutely valid worldwide, but he have been always so pessimistic on the realization of the English version and the diffusion on internet with a weblog or something... we had long mail conversations about that ...

About Oophoi music
If I well remember, around year 2000 or a bit later, Stefano Musso (in art Alio Die) gifted to me the Deep Listening magazine issue (btw at that time Stefano used to sell strange music cds in a stand in some fairs of used books, comics and vynils... btw, at that times I also discovered Alio Die's album gems..) So I started some time after an e-mail friendship with Gianluigi that became my "ambient music" CD supplier/reseller... (that was time when internet was not so diffused here in Italy...) I purchased from him so many CDs of great unknown artists and I really appreciated music he realized with nickname Oophoi! I think his drones are really at a very high level of "deepness" and I listened his music for many years. By example Athlit, Mike Griffin published and mentioned properly here, have been a masterpiece in ambient/electronic music.

About his discovering of my music
In 2004 (times when he was also sort of editor/manager of "Umbra Records" CDR label ) I sent to him a demo CD, just to have his honest opinion...he was entusiast and insisted on publish that "demo"... I followed his suggestion and "Western Detunes" (my first album); was published by him. A good story: my nick "solyaris music" come after a converstaion with him ... because our love for Tarkovskij's movies.. he suggeted to use an alias as "LEM" .. but I decided at last for "SOLYARIS" as a tribute to the movie.

I have to be always be beholden to him because that.. because I started to express myself in music in what today I call "my way"!

After the pubblication of Western Detunes, I confess I had discussions with Gigi, because some "commercial" behaviours on music duffusion and reselling/ re-pricing of my music by certain web sites ...(btw without any advantage for myself...) so we decided to separate our ways and himself suggested to me to diffuse my music with a personal website. I did that with happiness and peace for everybody :-). I admit my relationship with Gigi stopped at that times more or less. Sometime I had to complain about some behaviours and the friendship finished. Yes, Gianluigi talked to me about a misterious desease but, I admit, he was so hermetic that I thought he was not so sincere ... I gone wrong! Mea culpa :-( A part the personal issues, the feelings I had also reading the last issues of Deep Listening magazine editorials, was his big pessimism about (ambient) music diffusion, music evolution nowadays... life in our society... to such an extent he closed the magazine forever :-(

About music he loved and culture and history he divulgated
Looking backward my last years, I see indeed how many I am at one with him now! I mean regarding his conception about ambient music, his infinite love for Steve Roach music! and above all for Klause Wiese tibetan singing bowls drone music. He was a deep lover and connoisseur of Wiese music (he met him some times as far as I know, and they realized some albums togheter) and almost every Deep Listening magazine was containinig a sort of serialized chunks of stories around Popol Vuh, Wiese and sufism ... ?! :-) Yes, I know that big part of my musical culture started after his thoughts, his music. I have to be grateful to him ...
Buon viaggio dall'altra parte Gianluigi!
Che tu possa stare immerso in drones di bellezza infinita laddove sei..
R.I.P. Oophoi, 3 April 2013

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I get know that Gordon Danis died some days ago (the middle of May, I don't know exactly when)
Gordon was a friend of mine ...
an e-mail friendship, because I live Italy and he lived in New York.

He discovered my music in 2005, after release of my first CDR; He wrote me enthhusiastic proposing to meet us at a sort of reunion (a Jim Cole or Jeff Pearce home if I well remember)...

After that we became friends during these last years, with long mail conversations; we discovered our common Jazz music "roots" ... we shared common tastes on the '70 era ... for example we both loved Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin, etc.

Gordon holded a very vast musical culture and knowledge, with a open mind to all sort of art music, also far from "ambient music"tout-curt. He loved many unknow indipendent artist in jazz, pop, and ambient "also".

Gordon kept in touch me with great artist Laraaji and with Mathias Grassow and gave me many suggestions to new exploration ways for my music ... many times he give me advices.

Just few days ago I start playing some cymbals and came in my mind some conversations with Gordon about opening my instruments canvass; I promise to myself to quickly wrote the news to him ...

All in all Gordon was a very generous person, with a pronounced sensitivity for spirituality .. I hope all that could be something useful for his voyage now.

He had some serious health problems and in his last mail (7 April) he complained about a sort of very serious new disease and some problems with his family (his daughter maybe);

Someone know what the cause of his death ? Anyway, maybe it doesn't matter the specific reason.

Back to our last conversation, I joked about all recent times bad lucks he told me and I joked with him about the chance to listen some good music to soothe the phisical pain ... the spiritual sorrow ... His answer (his last mail to me) was a mail with the simple sentence

"Thank you Giorgio"

Now I have to say him

"thank you Gordon"

and I wish him a path of bliss (term he often used...) that could balance what happened in his earthly life.

Rest in deep Peace my dear friend - Gordon, 20 May 2008

Finally available my new album Wanderer!
Some excerpts pieces video clips available at youtube solyarismusic channel
Wanderer, CDR released, 8 January 2008

How you discovered my music ? I always happy to keep in touch via mail and know listeners/musicians around thw world, so please feel free to contact me. Add Your comment!
Add listener comments, 15 March 2006

I distinguished two different policies: Creative Commomns licence for free MP3s, but my music supplied with other media is copyrighted; for details please read my copyrights page.
Copyrights notes, 1 February 2005

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